Dyan Gibbens

Position: Trumbull

Dyan is the CEO of Trumbull Unmanned. Dyan, studied engineering, instructed skydiving, and learned to fly at the US Air Force Academy. While serving as an engineering acquisitions officer managing stealth nuclear cruise missiles, a type of unmanned aircraft, she earned her MBA. Dyan then supported Air Force One and Global Hawk UAS engineering and logistics. Her PhD research in industrial engineering and management focused on UAS/drones, RFID, wireless systems, computer vision/machine learning and the promotion of hydrocarbon sequestration from a UAV led Dyan to being selected as a Society of Petroleum Engineers Distinguished Lecturer (2015-2016). In 2015, Fortune named Dyan as one of the women shaping the drone industry and as a Huffington Post Emerging Veteran Tech Founder in 2017. Dyan has been asked to speak numerous times in the White House, US Senate, and around the world on data management and cyber security for unmanned and robotic systems.