Mornings: 9am-12:30 pm Virtual | Afternoons: 2pm-5pm at three outdoor locations

This is a unique opportunity to visit these locations, which are not open to the public.

Join us online and in-person for the 2021 Monterey Bay DART Symposium. Experience industry insight panels, presentations, networking, and demonstrations of exciting new-age technologies in globally expanding markets.

Each morning of the Symposium features important speakers and panel discussions held online, and each afternoon features an on-site visit to a key facility in the region. The site visits include the NPS SLAMR facility, Air-Space Integration at the Monterey Bay Academy, and the MBEST and Joby Aviation facility in Marina. These facilities are not generally open to the public, so this is a special opportunity to visit them.

The 2021 DART Symposium is being created by the Drones, Automation, and Robotics Technology (DART) Initiative in partnership with UC Santa Cruz, Monterey Bay Education Science & Technology (UC MBEST) Center, California State University Monterey Bay (CSUMB), Navalx Central Coast Tech Bridge, Joby Aviation, Startup Monterey Bay, Santa Cruz Works and Airspace Integration.  


Day 1 - TUES, Oct 19

Defense and Homeland Security
The Sea Land Air Military Research initiative (SLAMR)

Day 2 - WED, Oct 20

Advanced Air Mobility, Autonomous Vehicles

Day 3 - THURS, Oct 21

Forestry, Agriculture, Climate, Blue Economy
Airspace Integration @ the Monterey Bay Academy

This 3-day event will emphasize uncrewed systems capabilities, focusing on the application of drone technologies in Security (Defense and Homeland Security), Mobility (Advanced Air and Autonomous vehicles) and the Environment (Forestry, Agriculture, Blue Economy, and Climate). With attractive ‘opportunity zones’, Monterey Bay is primed to catalyze innovative organizations and investors in these sectors with broad access to State, National, and International marketplaces.

Symposium Partners & Sponsors

Join us October 19-21, 2021